Value Proposition

Alpha Generation

The primary means to fund the treasury will center on a few aspects:
Yield generation from NFT assets through P2E (Gaming Guild) Yield generation through staking of NFTs Yield generation through treasury DeFi staking Community events and competitions Platform subscription Fees Launchpad staking for purchase of new game tokens NFT sales

Use of Funds

As the play-to-earn ecosystem grows and builds out we want to be able to scale the core team behind the DAO and also the ecosystem participants. To that end - we see three primary user groups:
DAO Members Gamers / Scholars Investors (NFT Owners)
The core team will primarily be working on the following:
  • Acquisition of new players, community managers and guild leaders
  • Scouting and partnerships with up and coming P2E games, NFT projects and blockchain protocols Distribution of token grants
  • Purchase of metaverse assets (games, NFTs) Build out of new guild and DAO features Build out of infrastructure (smart scholarship management) MasterDAO foundation