The metaverse foundations initiatives aims to accomplish a few distinct use-cases. As we see the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem build out, we want to capitalize on a few factors which we consider as important for the future generations of guilds and players. With that said, our core understanding of the P2E ecosystem is that there is still a lack of transparency and education within the space. Gamers and Scholars that take up jobs within the metaverse ecosystem should be well-versed in the operations of the individual games but also within cryptocurrency in general.
Validation will accrue over time but we will begin to theorize on ideas that will bring the most value to our community. Our initial roadmap will boast several initiatives: Metaverse Education (What are NFTs, what is cryptocurrency and getting started in P2E gaming) Remote Jobs (There may not be sufficient assets for disbursement as the community grows. We want to provide jobs and other tasks for these players to continue to grow our platform) Ecosystem Buildout (We will be partnering with guilds, games and other metaverse/blockchain projects to help grow and educate the community)