The Platform

As we expand our platform the ideal situation is to remain nimble yet scalable. We want to be able to manage thousands of scholars at a time and be able to automate processes such as withdrawals and payments.
At the beginning, this process will primarily be manual as we understand each of the requirements of the games. Further down the road we will start to onboard new games and allow investors to come in and lend their NFTs out to our elite group of Scholars.
With this in mind, our primary goal with the platform is to encourage stickiness and also streamline the entire scholarship onboarding process. Specific games and guides will need to be created for each different games as we scale out our DAO.
The DAO platform will primary serve a few purposes: Guild / player onboarding (easily register and accept available scholarship programs) Automatic payments and tracking of guild activities Smart Scholar Payments (Automatic distribution and collection) Scholar points system (community leaders and management opportunities) SubDAO management (game specific platforms) Launchpad Access (NFT and IGOs).