3 Year Roadmap

2022 - Gaming Guild Buildout
  • Inception of gaming guild scholarship programs
  • 1000 scholars onboarded
  • Creation of Scholarship management tools
  • Creation and issuance of native token for ecosystem participants
  • Sale of native token
  • Development of first infrastructure product (scholar management tools)
  • Issuance of Genesis NFT
  • Launchpad for tokens and NFT projects
  • Community build-out
  • Scholar management and education platform
2023 - Infrastructure Buildout
  • Onboarding of 10,000 scholars
  • Treasury investments into alternate games, metaverse ecosystem
  • Metaverse ecosystem buildout - Sandbox, Pegaxy etc.
  • Platform build out to include scholarship payouts, ecosystem memo and more
  • Cross-chain decentralised swaps
  • Cross-chain decentralised launchpad
  • Issuance of revenue generating tied to scholarship rewards
  • Mass-management and training of partner guild rewards
2024 - Automation and decentralisation
  • Full automation of scholar onboarding process
  • Full automation of scholar payouts
  • Full automation of tracking and scholarship platform
  • Analytics dashboard fully online
  • Decentralisation initiative begins
  • Scholar and platform development will begin incentivizing users for continuous ecosystem usage
Idea Conception
Whitepaper Release
Website Launch
Creation of Social Media Handles
Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram
Marketing and Brand Awareness
Sigma DAO x Monkeys
Genesis NFT Series
Sigma Monkeys NFT Whitelisting
Sigma Monkeys Launch
$SIGMA Private Seed
$SIGMA Private Sale
$SIGMA Public Sale 1
$SIGMA Public Sale 2
Deployment of $SIGMA on Decentralised Exchanges
Strategic Partnerships
NFT Utility
Build out of Pegaxy Breeding Farm
Build out of World of Cryptoids Farm
Further Marketing and Improvement of SIGMA DAO Ecosystem