This whitepaper will outline the overall vision and roadmap of Sigma DAO and it's associated platform token ($SIGMA) along with the Genesis NFTs and Infrastructure Buildout.
The Sigma ($SGM) token is a token launched Binance Smart Chain and what will eventually be hosted across different blockchains through the use of a "Bridge". These features will be combined with additional perks and utility in the form of Meme token allocation in a variety of tokens including $SHIBA, $KRISE, $MINU, $DOGE and a variety of other cryptocurrency meme coins.
Sigma DAO is creating a modern cryptocurrency and play-to-earn blockchain gaming club. A global community of thousands of enthusiasts have come together to create one of the world's greatest blocking gaming clubs.
Genesis Sigma Monkey NFT's are Memberships to Sigma DAOs genesis members who will over time, receive benefits and token allocation in a variety of projects that Sigma DAO invests in.
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