Differentiating Factors

There have been a multitude of generation 1 guilds revolving around the game of Axie Infinity. These were some of the first iteration of guilds with the advent of the "scholarship" system allowing them to safely and securely rent out their assets to users.
With that said, they each lacked the infrastructure and know-how to scale effectively and efficiently. Here we explain some of our core differentiation factors, what will lead to the downfall of guilds and how we will look to prevent that.
The first factor we should begin by doing is looking at what existing guilds have done.
Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the first and better known guilds out there with a storied history revolving around massive amounts of scholars within the Axie Infinity ecosystem. What they failed to realise is the pace at which these games grow and players become tired and bored of them. With over 22,000 Axie Infinity scholars it is safe to say they have invested a significant amount of their fund raise into this program resulting in massive losses for investors. At this point their only way forward is to ride out the bear market and hope the token price turns around.
A significant portion of NFT's are priced around the underlying token issuance. For example, Axies will return your investment in around 100 days. In order to accomplish and calculate the fair market price for the NFT's we have to first understand that the number of SLPs (farm tokens) generated by owning these Axies can be anywhere from 0-200+. With this in mind, we also have to understand that the underlying factors affecting SLP pricing is not an exact science and cannot be predicted with enough certainty to justify significant concentration in a single game.
These and other underlying factors such as the lack of token utility and functionality for other partners and guilds to onboard (guilds are in essence competing with each other for resources) with has caused the ecosystem to not find much interest in these Gaming Guild focused DAOs.
Our research and understanding of these guilds over the past year and a half has let us understand some of the core underlying factors.
  • Chain of choice (most of them based on ERC20) resulting in excessively high fees
  • Lack of underlying token utility
  • Lack of investor rewards besides
We scout and train professional play-to-earn gamers worldwide
Buying, selling and trading of metaverse assets (NFTs) to provide a sustained revenue streams to community members
Our members are our most important assets and as such we intend to provide a fair and decentralised model for users to become part of the DAO and earn a secondary income