Sigma Monkey NFT Roadmap
Stage 1 (Launch) Social media creation, Discord, Twitter
Stage 2 Whitelist campaign begins (1000 whitelists available)
Stage 3 (We Are Here) Launching website and revealing the minting date. Keeping community active and engaging with NFT community members and more.
Stage 4 Get everyone prepared for the launch, NFT giveaways, initiate community activities to win presale slots and NFTs, guides for minting, and make sure everyone understands everything.
Stage 5 Project launch. Sigma Monkeys and Whitelisters get to mint early and then followed by the public.
Stage 6
Community treasury will be formulated and a % of all volume generated will be used for marketing and further fueling Sigma DAO and the $SIG token.
Stage 7 Once token is sold out we will begin to develop $SIG and our NFT/Scholar rental marketplace in collaboration with Buoz.
Stage 8 Deploy metaverse land and gaming Scholarships, launch marketplace, and set up airdrops with a chance to win in-game tokens to be used to purchase items inside the marketplace.