The Guild of Guilds

The build out of Sigma DAO will eventually reach a point where we have the resources and assets to acquire and partner with smaller guilds.
By being one of the first Guilds to manage the play-to-earn ecosystem infrastructure, we will begin to attract Scholars and player managers into our ecosystem in order to take our guild to the next level. We will first begin by onboarding community leaders and partners across different metaverse ecosystems and as our gaming guild begins to get built out, partner guilds and DAOs will be incentivized to join our community to share resources.
The world of blockchain gaming isn't meant to be a zero-sum game and there should be winners in the ecosystem by partnering with each other rather than treating each other as competition.
One of the main factors we will consider in incentivizing guilds into the ecosystem will be the token buy-back initiative. By issuing and purchasing partnering guild assets we will begin to hold a significant edge in the ecosystem by understanding what each guild is pouring their assets into. As we continue to grow, one of the core factors in sustaining these partnerships will be the infrastructure and platform build out of each DAO.