The Guild is a decentralised autonomous organisation centered around the acquisition, management and promotion of non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) for use in various metaverse worlds.

The Intent

The Gaming Guild is a core part of the DAO ecosystem and will be the primary revenue driver in scaling our operations. As we expand and continue to build out the platform we expect to onboard hundreds if not thousands of new Scholars on a regular basis.
With the advent of Axie Infinity’s Scholarship and NFT rental systems created by new P2E games we are seeing an increasing trend towards creating massive amounts of metaverse gamers.
Our intent is to create a gaming guild which will recruit elite gamers (scholars) into the ecosystem to play on behalf of the guild and receiving a share of the revenue generated. These funds will flow back into the DAO treasury for further disbursement into our subDAOs and communities through our token-buy back mechanisms and purchase of NFTs.
To date, we have onboarded hundreds of Scholars across games such as: Pegaxy Axie Infinity World of Cryptoids
We will continually look to onboard new Scholars and P2E games which will be considered through a rigorous process. One of the key requirements in order to become a partner of the DAO is the availability of Scholarship management platforms. The DAO needs to be able to manage hundreds of Scholars at a given time with tracking and smart payout systems being heavily favored.