GameFi Market State

The first real iteration of a functional game with a scholarship or NFT rental system was Axie Infinity which drove tremendous growth into the ecosystem. They were one of the first games to truly implement an easy to use chain (Ronin) and combine that with a simple and easy to play game. These underlying factors allowed it to grow at exponential rates during 2021.
Beginning in late 2021 to early 2022 we have seen the growth and launch of a multitude of games with the same and improved scholarship program. Why should I as a gamer have to play a game and earn yield from it? Shouldn't I be able to hire someone to play on my behalf? Thus came about the concept of Pegaxy and World of Cryptoids among many others that have understood that the scholarship ecosystem is thriving.
In the current state, there are now hundreds of games with blockchain aspects. What are some of the ways in whcih