Evolution of Gaming

In the gaming genre, there are several game styles emerging over the last few years. Let’s focus on the difference between pay-to-win vs. play-to-win game modes. Oftentimes, these concepts are lost on the average joe, and they assume what other people say, rather than looking into it themselves. IGN, a major magazine said it very well:
""Establishing a competitive game that is skill-based is the key. If you’re knowledgeable about the game, you should be able to have a shot at winning, even against someone who has spent more money. It’s when the “wallet warriors” always win that causes other players to get frustrated and bail out.”
We have seen with the advent of games with extremely long life spans such as Counter Strike, League of Legends and many others that have sustained different cycles and ultimately resulted in different parts of the market coming out.
Gaming has since its inception been primarily a leisure activity. Only the elite and professional gamers have been able to yield any significant rewards out of a game ecosystem. One thing is certain is that all games have a certain lifespan and there has not been a game which has been able to hold the top spot on Monthly Active Leaderboard (MAU) for prolonged periods of time.
With the advent of handheld gaming we have seen an enormous paradigm shift towards communities in regions such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Argentina and many other developing countries. This steady shift towards universal accessibility will eventually come to fruition as technology continues to improve.
Blockchain gaming and specifically Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming is a relatively new concept that truly came into the global spotlight with the Axie Infinity.
Our experience in games from early as Warcraft 2 to FPS' such as Counter Strike has led us to understand what true gaming is about. Players like to level up, experience growth and the resulting dopamine rush behind beating your opponents. These factors will be heavily factored into the play-to-earn games we will be investing in.